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Susanna Scott-Mitchell

Susanna Scott-Mitchell

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Susanna, born and raised in London, moved to the US 20 years ago. After successfully selling her software start-up in 2011, she relocated from Boston to Woodstock NY. Preferring to work with people (rather than computers!) and still employ her business management skills. Susanna has built up a great reputation going above and beyond to help her clients reach their goals.

She assists clients in finding their perfect upstate home or weekend getaway. From managing many different types of homes as Short Term Rentals, she has acquired a vast knowledge of the nuances of upstate living from local attractions to what people want in a home to managing pests to drilling wells to the best way to market and rent out a property, Susanna has the knowledge and information to ensure buyers upstate choose a home that will serve them well. She has the experience that matters.
Her knowledge of the market, and a good eye for what appeals to buyers, help her clients navigate the challenges of selling their houses.